What Does It Take to Remove a Lien?

If you’ve had a creditor place a lien on your home or another piece of property, you’re certainly not alone. Here in Chicagoland and all across the country, homeowners face a variety of liens, stemming from judgments, unpaid taxes, contractor’s fees, and more.  In short, a lien is a mechanism that a creditor can use as legal claim to, or a charge against, your property, in order to secure payment or performance of an obligation from //READ MORE

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Achieving Your Real Estate Resolutions In 2020

What do you think about New Year’s resolutions? Are they a part of your yearly routine, or do you think you’re better off without them? Do you think setting goals for the twelve months ahead is a noble idea, or just a waste of time?  Ask a group of people these questions, and you’ll probably find that the group is split down the middle, more or less. According to a report from Forbes, roughly 40 percent //READ MORE

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In Illinois, What Is a Deficiency Judgment After Foreclosure?

Here in Illinois, the foreclosure process can be long and trying – and, for some borrowers, there may be financial effects that will continue to be felt, even after the completion of the foreclosure sale. In Illinois, it is possible for lenders to get a deficiency judgment against borrowers, in order to attempt to attain the outstanding balance of the borrower’s loan after their property has been foreclosed.  //READ MORE

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What Is the Difference Between a Mortgage Lender and a Mortgage Servicer?

When you purchase a home, you’re making a long-term investment in your future – and it’s important to go in with as much knowledge and understanding as possible. As a homeowner, there are lots of concepts to understand and take into account, at every step of your journey. One key concept to understand is the difference between your mortgage lender, and your mortgage servicer.  Broadly speaking, a mortgage lender is a bank or financial institution that //READ MORE

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Consumer Protection: Avoiding Winter Scams

The weather may be getting colder — but consumer protection experts warn that scam season is heating up, here in Chicagoland and around the country.  Every year, unsuspecting homeowners and investors fall victim to a wide variety of wintertime scams. As the AARP explains, some of the most common forms of winter fraud involve scammers offering to provide a service — such as chimney sweeping, furnace and ductwork cleaning, or snow removal — only to suddenly //READ MORE

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