Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you know the importance of always looking to the future. For business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, everyday is a hustle. And when you’re starting to experience financial strain in your professional or personal life, you know that thinking ahead may include considering all of your options for meaningful financial relief — including exploring the types of bankruptcy that can benefit small business owners.  //READ MORE

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What Does It Take to Remove a Lien?

If you’ve had a creditor place a lien on your home or another piece of property, you’re certainly not alone. Here in Chicagoland and all across the country, homeowners face a variety of liens, stemming from judgments, unpaid taxes, contractor’s fees, and more.  In short, a lien is a mechanism that a creditor can use as legal claim to, or a charge against, your property, in order to secure payment or performance of an obligation from //READ MORE

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Can Creditors Continue Contacting Me After a Bankruptcy Discharge?

Most people file for bankruptcy in the hopes of getting a fresh financial start. Bankruptcy can allow consumers to discharge certain debts and restructure others, making them less of a month-to-month burden. And even before you achieve a discharge through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, filing for bankruptcy can give you some much needed breathing room, thanks to protections including the automatic stay.  So, what can you do if creditors or debt collectors continue to try //READ MORE

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FAQ: Can a Bankruptcy Case Be Dismissed?

The vast majority of people filing for bankruptcy have clear goals in mind. They’re entering this intimidating process because they want to gain some breathing room from their creditors and get serious about discharging or restructuring their debts, so that they can move forward on surer financial footing, regain stability, and reclaim some peace of mind.  In short, a well-managed bankruptcy filing can be a fresh financial start. The key word there? “Well-managed.”  It’s important to //READ MORE

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In Illinois, What Is a Deficiency Judgment After Foreclosure?

Here in Illinois, the foreclosure process can be long and trying – and, for some borrowers, there may be financial effects that will continue to be felt, even after the completion of the foreclosure sale. In Illinois, it is possible for lenders to get a deficiency judgment against borrowers, in order to attempt to attain the outstanding balance of the borrower’s loan after their property has been foreclosed.  //READ MORE

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