What Is a Reverse Mortgage?

Growing older can be an expensive proposition, complete with rising healthcare costs, home improvement projects, keeping up with living expenses, and paying down debts. For older homeowners, it may be tempting to find a way to use built-up home equity as a source of cash.  Home equity is an enormous source of wealth for older Americans. In fact, adults 62 and older held $6.5 trillion in home equity in the third quarter of 2017, according to //READ MORE

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Different Types of Property Easements: An Overview

When you buy a home, you’re purchasing a lot more than just four walls. Here in Chicagoland, purchasing a property is often going to mean inheriting the specific property easements that come with it.  In short, an easement is a designation that says someone else has the legal right to use your property, generally for a specific purpose. In other words? You own the land, but a third party has permission to use part of that //READ MORE

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In Real Estate, What Does a Buyer’s Attorney Do?

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial undertakings most of us will ever experience – it’s also one of the most singular and unique.  For one thing, real estate falls into its own unique category as “real” property – broadly meaning land, and the structures affixed to that land. It is distinct from personal property, those tangible and intangible possessions other than land or buildings (like appliances, cars, stocks and bonds, and so on).  //READ MORE

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2019 Consumer Bankruptcy Trends to Keep an Eye On

Understanding consumer debt and bankruptcy trends is a key part of understanding the overall health and well-being of the U.S. economy. These important economic indicators can be a bellwether of things to come, both good and bad – while also helping observers gain a clearer perspective on where we’ve been.  So, what consumer bankruptcy trends, statistics, and stories have we been keeping an eye on? As we prepare to wind down 2019 and look ahead to //READ MORE

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What Are the Differences Between Short Sales and Foreclosure?

If you’re falling behind on mortgage payments and facing default, you’re probably searching high and low for solutions – and as a result, you’ve probably come across the terms “short sale” and “foreclosure.”  Here in our home base of Illinois and around the country, homeowners often find themselves trying to determine the difference between these two courses of action. Both are options for borrowers who have fallen behind on mortgage payments or have a mortgage that //READ MORE

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