When Can I Rent an Apartment After Bankruptcy?

For those struggling with debt, filing for bankruptcy is a way to hit refresh on your financial life. Bankruptcy can allow debtors to discharge certain debts and restructure others with their creditors, in order to make them less of a monthly burden. In many ways, bankruptcy is about helping to make things easier for debtors, allowing them to release or restructure their debt obligations and empowering them to move forward as an active participant in the //READ MORE

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Exploring Common Types of Property Liens

Do you know the word “lien” is derived from an old French word for “band” or “tie,” and can actually trace its roots all the way back to ligare, a Latin phrase for “to bind?”  While understanding this etymology isn’t essential to understanding how liens work, it’s still helpful to take this broad, historical view — because, at the end of the day, the primary purpose of a lien is still to bind a debtor to //READ MORE

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Why Work With an Attorney During Foreclosure?

For homeowners falling behind on their loan payments, foreclosure can an intimidating prospect – and a frustrating and scary process to go through, particularly if you’re attempting to handle matters all alone.  For borrowers, foreclosure can be a deeply trying, time-consuming, and expensive experience. It can be remarkably complex, and intensely emotional. In many cases, bringing on an experienced and knowledgeable attorney is one of the most effective steps a borrower can take to simplify and //READ MORE

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Watching Out for Debt Collection Scams

Getting a call out of the blue with an intimidating voice on the other end demanding payment for a debt can be frustrating and frightening. But how can you be sure if the call is a legitimate debt collector, and not a scammer simply trying to scare you into making a payment or giving up your sensitive personal information?  According to data from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), there were more than 1.4 million fraud reports //READ MORE

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Are Debt and Money Issues Impacting Your Quality of Life?

Debt is a fact of life for millions of Americans – but knowing that fact doesn’t always make it easier to deal with, on the day to day.  According to data from 2018, the average American reports having about $38,000 in personal debt, with that number going up to more than $135,00 for households. Personal debt can be brought on by any number of factors, and many people cite credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, medical bills, //READ MORE

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