What Does a Mortgage Servicer Do?

When you purchase a home, there are countless moving parts to consider as you head from contract to closing – including hammering out the details of your mortgage with your lender. In this rush, it’s easy to get caught up on everything happening in the present tense, and put off looking to the future.  Eventually, though, things will settle down, and your mortgage payments will go from something new and exciting, to an obligation that routine //READ MORE

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What Is A Transfer on Death Instrument, or TODI?

After a lifetime of building wealth, how can you ensure that your most important assets are passed down according to your wishes? Whether you’re a new homeowner or you have several decades in your “Forever Home” under your belt, it’s never too early to start thinking about estate planning for your home, financial accounts, and other assets.  The choices you make now could mean all the difference for your friends and family when you’re no longer //READ MORE

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Dealing With Debt Collectors: Four Things to Keep In Mind

If you’re facing debt collection efforts, you know how seriously it can impact your life. The thought of dealing with debt collectors can make every call, text message, or trip to the mailbox feel intimidating. Dealing with debt collectors can be an annoying, frustrating, and upsetting experience.  As a consumer, it’s important to know how to deal with debt collectors, so that you can manage your finances and protect your quality of life. Here are four //READ MORE

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Exploring FAQs About Trusts In Illinois

Trusts are an important concept to understand, with serious long-term implications when it comes to probate, estate planning, tax preparation, and asset protection. They’re used by homeowners, investors, and anyone looking to safeguard their family’s financial future. So, what are some of the most important and frequently asked questions and considerations about trusts here in Chicagoland? Let’s dive into several FAQs about trusts that we tend to encounter here in Illinois: //READ MORE

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Judicial Vs. Non-Judicial Foreclosures

For millions of people around the country, a home is a place to live, but it’s also a place for making new memories, growing a family, and building a future. If you fall behind on payments on your home loan and go into default, you could eventually face the threat of foreclosure. In a nutshell, foreclosure is a process that allows lenders to recover the balance on defaulted loans by repossessing, and, typically, selling the secured //READ MORE

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