Purchasing a Condo in Chicago? Keep These 3 Things in Mind

Did you know that condominium buildings, as we know them today, really began flourishing in Chicago in the 1960s? As the Encyclopedia of Chicago explains, the Illinois Condominium Property Act authorized the construction of condos starting in 1963. This housing style – in which owners have exclusive ownership of an individual unit in a building, as well as common ownership of shared areas and amenities – quickly gained a lot of popularity for buyers and developers //READ MORE

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For Sellers, What Happens at a Real Estate Closing?

Selling a home can be a bittersweet – and that makes finishing up the closing, the final step in the sales process, even more so! Of course, it’s all going to be different, for different sellers. In many cases, finally winding down contract negotiations and heading for that closing table is cause for celebration, since it means that you’re finally (home-)free. Once you’ve closed, you’ll have officially sold your house, freeing you up to move on //READ MORE

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What Are Some Situations Where Real Estate Litigation May Be Necessary?

According to data from the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), there were about 5 million units of housing sold in December 2018, at a median price of $253,600. In November 2018, per NAR, there were about 1.25 million housing starts, and about 657,000 new home sales. Among existing homeowners? Per reports from CoreLogic, brought to our attention by Keeping Current Matters, the average homeowner gained roughly $16,200 in home equity between Q2 2017 and Q2 2018. //READ MORE

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What Can I Do If I Can’t Pay HOA Assessments?

Here in Chicago and around Illinois, assessments are part and parcel of condo ownership. For many condo, home, and townhome owners, every month brings a fee levied by the homeowners’ association (HOA). About HOA Fees and Assessments These routine fees are generally determined by the HOA board of directors, and are intended to be used to pay for the maintenance and upkeep the collectively-owned areas of the property, as well as cover things like insurance, HOA //READ MORE

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What Is a 22.1 Disclosure?

We do everything big in Chicago. This town is called the “City of Broad Shoulders” for a reason. Our sandwiches are piled high. Our baseball teams are the stuff of tall tales. Our rappers have the biggest albums. And our town is full of the some of the biggest, most iconic skyscrapers in the world. In fact, did you know that Chicago is home to more than 120 buildings clocking in at 15 stories or taller? //READ MORE

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