2019 Consumer Bankruptcy Trends to Keep an Eye On

Understanding consumer debt and bankruptcy trends is a key part of understanding the overall health and well-being of the U.S. economy. These important economic indicators can be a bellwether of things to come, both good and bad – while also helping observers gain a clearer perspective on where we’ve been.  So, what consumer bankruptcy trends, statistics, and stories have we been keeping an eye on? As we prepare to wind down 2019 and look ahead to //READ MORE

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Applying for Credit After Bankruptcy: Key Things to Keep In Mind

Bankruptcy is intended to give debtors some breathing room, and the chance at a fresh start. The bankruptcy process can allow debtors to discharge certain debts and restructure other obligations, to make them less of a month-to-month burden. This way, the debtor can move forward as a productive member of the economy once again – and often, that is going to include taking on new lines of credit over time.  For debtors looking to move on //READ MORE

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Looking Out For Debt Relief and Credit Repair Scams

When you’re facing mounting debts, every ringing phone or trip to the mailbox can become a stressful ordeal. Debt can impact just about every aspect of a person’s life – including your overall health and well-being. If you’re feeling trapped under burdensome debt, it’s only natural to start looking for ways to get out from under it all – or, at the very least, to find a solution that may make your monthly obligations more manageable.  //READ MORE

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What Does It Mean to Discharge a Debt?

Bankruptcy is a way for debtors to discharge certain debts, and restructure others to make them more manageable. It is intended as a way for those struggling with mounting debts to hit “reset,” in order to take a breather, and, eventually, reenter the economy with a cleaner slate.  If you’re considering bankruptcy as a lasting solution for debt relief, it’s important to know what it really means to receive a discharge — including what types of //READ MORE

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What Are Some Common Types of Business Bankruptcy?

Small businesses have always been a key piece of the American economy. Here in Chicago and across the country, entrepreneurs and dreamers work hard to build relationships, tackle problems, and turn their passions into a way to make a reliable living.  According to data from Pew Research center, self-employed Americans and their employees account for about 30% of the nation’s workforce, or roughly 44 million jobs. About one quarter of self-employed people have employees of their //READ MORE

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